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First, hello and welcome. I’m humbled that you’ve chosen to take a few moments out of your day to read my musings. I’ve actually wanted to do a blog for some time but was never able to come up with a concept that I felt would be interesting or sustainable, that is, until Living Wide. I didn’t want to present something to the world that was scattered or disjointed. I wanted there to be a primary purpose behind the words. That purpose showed up on November 2, 2011. And though I’m seeking to chronicle my journey through Living Wide, I hope that you will check back periodically to see if moments in my experience can be applied to your life as well.  Let’s face it, there comes a time in everyone’s life when you realize you’re living small.  It’s a rare person that can live wide all of the time. The key is to not let those moments, when you’ve realized the horizon isn’t quite as vast, paralyze you. Blink a few times, remember to breath, then give the Viewfinder a little shake, and I promise, you’ll see it restored again.

About the Author
Surprise, surprise, I’m a writer.  I’ve actually been writing as long as I can remember, but I only started making money at it in college. I’m a proud graduate of the Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications (University of Georgia)—Go Dawgs!!—who has actually managed to make a living using my degree for more than a decade. And though I sold my soul to the dark side several years back by parlaying my career into the marketing and communications realm, I still consider myself a writer at heart.

I won’t bore you with superfluous details about my likes and dislikes. I’m sure those will become glaringly evident as we walk the Living Wide life together. However, I do feel the following bits of information are important. Though I am a creative professional by trade, I can still easily tap in that nerdy, analytical side of my brain to geek out over statistics and research. I am a Christian who came to Christ in my early 20s. I am a former military brat that got bitten by the wanderlust bug at an early age, which means I’ve traveled quite extensively, though not nearly as much as I’d like. Family and friends are vitally important in my life, so I’ll likely talk about them a lot. I’m most definitely a “tell it like it is,” personality. I have two settings for my advice, honest and nice. Don’t ask for honest unless you’re prepared for brutal truth. I’m an animal lover and a tree hugger so just get over it now. That said, I do not plan to use Living Wide for any kind of political agenda, so don’t ask. I’m a movie and music fanatic, so when recommendations pop up periodically in my posts, don’t be surprised. Hey, who can’t benefit from the Gospel of Ferris Bueller every now and then?!

And finally, the best writing advice I ever got. It’s a question asked of every person who is remotely connected to the written word. I received mine in my junior year of college. One of my journalism professors, Conrad Fink, had called me into his office to discuss my latest failed attempt at a compelling editorial piece. He’d bled on my paper pretty good, and wanted to help get me over my use of hyperbole so that I could set forth a simple argument. Our exchange went something like this, “If you want to get the peasants with pitchforks up in arms, this isn’t going to cut it.”

“I know sir, how can I make it better?”

“Well the ideas are there, but you’re too up here,” he said gesturing to a lofty position above his head. “You’re too academic. You need to bring it down here,” pointing to the top of his desk where a newspaper would lay. “It’s not that hard… just write the way you talk. Put the words down as if you were telling the story to a friend.”

Taking his advice to heart, I rewrote the editorial and submitted it for publication. It was my first piece to make it into a major newspaper.

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