We Come Running

Not to try to ratchet up my cool quotient, but I’d heard of Youngblood Hawke long before the American Idol commercials from this most recent season.

First, it’s a very irreverent song. You can’t help to bop to the beat. But, it truly were the lyrics that struck me when I first heard this song. Lyrics like, “Headed for the open door, Tell me what you’re waiting for, Look across the great divide, Soon they’re gunna hear, The sound, the sound, the sound, When we come running.”

When I hear these lyrics I think of someone running free. Being completely unencumbered in their experience. I picture a person sprinting with their arms stretched to the sky, with a huge smile plastered on their face, thinking of nothing but release and possibility.

Pre-living wide, I used to hang on to a lot of things with an unflinchingly tight grip. Things that I should have released to God, the universe, just in general. I never felt free to completely let go. To be carefree. What I love about this song is that it reminds me to be irreverent. Why should we feel laced up or tied down by expectations? Why shouldn’t we shatter through these things at a full-tilt run, like football players busting through a paper banner just before game time?

Take that visual with you when an obstacle seems a little to hard.

Open Up Your Sail

I’ve developed a bad habit. When things seem “right,” and I feel like I’m “where I’m supposed to be,” in terms of my journey, I have this tendency to reign in my sail and float. I stop letting the wind direct me or propel me along. Why would I want to keep my sail open if I’m exactly where I need to be, right?

Oh, I keep busy as I float, I star gaze, I batten down the hatches when the storms hit, but I’m not really making an effort to go anywhere. I just sit and wait on inspiration to strike and encourage me to raise my sail once again.

I’m not sure why I close down to possibility if I feel like I’ve “arrived.” When I think about pioneering explorers like Magellan, sure, they made pit stops as they journeyed. And, they even set a spell in a few places. But the open seas were always in the back of their minds. They knew that the next adventure was just a strong wind away.

Don’t get me wrong, keeping your sail open is not about being non-committal… because something better may come along. When you keep your sail open, you’re not so much questioning the present as welcoming possibility; you’re offering an open invitation to God to direct your path. You’re not cocooned in the idea that you know better. You’re saying, “Yeah, I’m enjoying sitting a spell, but I’m ready for what awaits me on the horizon.”

So tell me, is your sail open?