One of my favorite lyrics of all time is from Gavin DeGraw’s “Meaning,”

Sometimes our only way is jumping, I hope you’re not afraid of heights.

His words couldn’t be a more fitting tribute to the day that only comes once every four years, right? I know to some, Leap Day is nothing more than a calendar anomaly, a 24-hour period that has to be slotted in to insure the Gregorian calendar remains accurate. To me, however, Leap Day is an important reminder to live wide.

Think about it, we get a free day. A day that only comes along 25 times in a century. Even the name is an encouragement to gamble, to hurl yourself into a situation that promises both big risk and big returns.

Leaping is an immediate admission of a lack of fact. You’re in a moment where a decision is required. You haven’t got the time to survey the terrain. Evidence of viability is spotty at best. Options… are there any options? Basically, you’ve got limited knowledge, little recourse and factors that are pushing you to act and act NOW!

But, like Gavin said, sometimes it is our only way, fear of heights or no. I’ve had moments where leaping was it, and I simply had to have enough faith that, good, bad or indifferent, it was all going to work out. I can’t think of a more exhilarating beginning can you?

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