Pencil You In

[Ring, Ring]
[Ring, Ring]
“Hi, how are ya?”
“Um, fine.”
“That’s good. Do you know who this is?”
“I’m not sure?”
“It’s your heart. Been a long time since you checked in. We need to talk.”

Imagined conversation aside, I realized yesterday that it’s been a long time since I’ve given credence to my heart. Yes, scientifically, the heart’s primary use is not to be the repository for our dreams and desires, but I’m a writer. I think of things in terms of poetry and romance, so we’re going to ignore science momentarily.

The pace of today’s world makes it really easy to get disconnected from the yearning of your heart. With schedules that dictate our lives down to the second, it’s no wonder those things that feed us, that make us feel a passion for life, get pushed to the side. For example, over the course of the past year, I’ve let my writing get jostled and pushed to a back burner somewhere near China.

Let me clarify. Yes, I consider my blog posts writing, however, I’ve broken the cardinal rule of being a writer over the last 12 months in that I’m not doing it every day, which makes finishing my first novel kind of difficult. I’m ashamed to admit how long it’s been since I started this book, so we’ll quantify it as a long time ago. In my defense, a handful of years ago, I got some advice about tweaking my voice and tone, and the whole thing (i.e., what I’d finished to that point) needed to be rewritten. But I digress. Due to a series of life circumstances that surfaced in the past year, my priorities changed. My focus was redirected to those things, and the recognition of how much I enjoyed spending time with my characters each day began to fade.

Well, those circumstances have now brought me full circle. Though things haven’t changed (yet), a moment of quiet during my drive home yesterday reignited my fire to finish the story I began many years ago. I realized the real priority, what I should truly be penciling in, is that blood that beats my heart. Those things that get me excited and make me borderline obsessive because of the intensity that I feel.

Living wide is just that, living with your arms, heart, soul wide open. Being receptive to what life has to offer and reflecting that light, beauty, joy through the passionate side of your nature.

So if your heart were to give you a call, what would it say? Make sure to comment below.

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