Your Future is Not Certain

Admit it, once or twice in your life, you’ve shaken a Magic 8 Ball. As you watched those triangled die slosh around in that inky liquid, you prayed that a man-made toy would give you the answers you desperately needed to some highly worrisome issues. Believe me, I’ve been there.

Just like you, I’ve begged for that simple answer. Hoping against hope that I would get some sort of definitive path, laid out for me by such a rudimentary instrument. But disaster always struck in the form of one simple phrase, “Your future is not certain.”

Wait, what? What do you mean? You’re a plastic, onyx orb of truth. By all that’s random, assuredly, you should be able to provide me with some sort of direction, right?

I have to admit, I like certainty. I like being able to cross something off a list and definitively say, I’ve done it. I’ve accomplished that task.

Uncertainty is, in a word, scary. It means risking big, and, hopefully, achieving an equally bigger pay-off. I mean, is it always wise to take a risk on things that are uncertain? Not entirely. But when you live wide, sometimes, you have to gamble. Often this type of bet involves listening to your inner voice. That quiet whisper that says, “What are you doing?” “Why are you going this way?” “Is this what you want or is it what’s expected?”

I try to regularly stay tuned to that voice. Not always is it clearly audible, but mostly, it is insistent. Call it a nagging suspicion or a gut-check situation. I often don’t understand the reasons why, I just point my compass away from what feels off, and try to discern what feels more right. And, unfortunately, much like the Magic 8 Ball, what feels more right is decidedly vague.

So, where’s your decidedly vague feeling leading you? Mine is a little uncertain.

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3 thoughts on “Your Future is Not Certain

  1. In my humble opinion…the mark of a good writer (or poet…or comedian for that matter) is when they can clearly communicate something that is relevant to most everyone else but no one has been able to consciously articulate until then…you have that gift Tasia! So did my favorite author J.D. Salinger. Maybe one day you too will end up with many, mentally unstable fans like he did. LOL!

    Oddly, I was playing with the iPhone 8-ball app (that counts!) this weekend and thinking much the same thing. Why do I get so invested in the answers that pop up when I know it’s all crap? I think maybe the answer – whatever it is – helps us determine what it is we really wanted to hear. Like when you are trying to make up your mind between two choices; like where to eat. You claim not to have a vested interest in the outcome but secretly you do b/c no sooner does your friend pick Italian than you realize your preference was Mexican all along. So yes, the 8-ball is crap but maybe the popularity and staying power of this simple toy is less about the answer it gives and more about being a sounding board for your thoughts b/c it helps you tune in and listen to that voice that will tell you what answer feels right whether we want to hear it or not. :) – that’s my two cents worth!

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