Open Up Your Sail

I’ve developed a bad habit. When things seem “right,” and I feel like I’m “where I’m supposed to be,” in terms of my journey, I have this tendency to reign in my sail and float. I stop letting the wind direct me or propel me along. Why would I want to keep my sail open if I’m exactly where I need to be, right?

Oh, I keep busy as I float, I star gaze, I batten down the hatches when the storms hit, but I’m not really making an effort to go anywhere. I just sit and wait on inspiration to strike and encourage me to raise my sail once again.

I’m not sure why I close down to possibility if I feel like I’ve “arrived.” When I think about pioneering explorers like Magellan, sure, they made pit stops as they journeyed. And, they even set a spell in a few places. But the open seas were always in the back of their minds. They knew that the next adventure was just a strong wind away.

Don’t get me wrong, keeping your sail open is not about being non-committal… because something better may come along. When you keep your sail open, you’re not so much questioning the present as welcoming possibility; you’re offering an open invitation to God to direct your path. You’re not cocooned in the idea that you know better. You’re saying, “Yeah, I’m enjoying sitting a spell, but I’m ready for what awaits me on the horizon.”

So tell me, is your sail open?

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